Dr. Wells learned one-on-one how top-level women executives overcame the great obstacles they had faced as they rose to leadership roles in their fields. She recorded their testimonials as she interviewed them for research she did for her dissertation on Latina Women Moving Up the Corporate Ladder. This information provides the fundamentals for our coaching sessions.

For more than 17 years as a professional trainer, Dr. Wells has created and conducted more than 1200 customized workshops, seminars, and board retreats for numerous companies and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Wells also has 12 years experience as an organizational development consultant and executive coach helping school administrators, non-profit leaders, and senior management with leadership, entrepreneurial, and organizational issues.

Bio/ Qualifications Dr. Virginia Wells — leading authority and coach for executives who want to succeed in business

President and CEO of OBC&T, consultant Dr. Virginia Wells earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Systems with a dissertation about moving up the corporate ladder. The extensive research she did on the winning methods of effective people in the most influential companies in the world qualified her as a leading authority on this topic and helped launch her career as an executive coach in managing organizational behavior.

Areas of Expertise Dr. Wells' results-oriented training sessions have worked well for clients who used her techniques to generate significant corporate benefits. One such client implemented strategies learned from Dr. Wells to leverage business well enough to double the company's multi-million dollar revenues. She is an expert at helping business people climb to the next level and is proficient in the following:

  • Customized consultation on organizational development and the skills necessary for executive advancement
  • Training senior management, administrators, and non-profit leaders on entrepreneurial and leadership issues